US Sports Down Under is an online store that focuses on providing US Sports fans in Australia, New Zealand and other Asian Pacific countries with the latest and greatest officially licensed fan gear & updates.

Why shop with us?

Fast local postage that is easily returnable

100% Australian based and owned

Fast, Friendly One of One Customer Service

Free postage over $100 (AUS customers only)

Something for fans of every team

100% officially licensed fan gear from the US

More than an online store

USSDU provides more than just great products…


Articles & Updates

Social Media communities

Event information & listings

TV Guides & Info

Run by real fans

The History of USSDU

US Sports Down Under started with a simple idea by founder Andy Thomas in 2010 – help fellow Australian fans get US Sports info that can’t be found anywhere else.

Despite a lot of interest in the idea (way back when USSDU were 2 seperate blogs called NFL Down Under & NBA Down Under), one question kept getting asked over and over again….how do I buy fan gear for my teams without getting ripped off?

Being an avid jersey & cap collector myself (my Dallas Cowboys & Mavericks collection stems back to 1990) I was sick of paying ridiculous postage and waiting for what seemed forever to get official fan gear from the US, not only that, if something didn’t fit or I didn’t like it, then there was virtually no way to send it back and get a refund or exchange.

I decided enough was enough…US Sports Down Under would become primarily an online store with an emphasis on  providing great products, content & info for Australian & New Zealand based fans.

The store launched in 2012, and went off with a bang with lots of interest and sales however numerous issues popped up and the store was forced to close in June 2013.

Determined to make this happen, I spent the next few months trying to resolve the issues that forced the store to close (unfortunately I’m not able to reveal any info), however one guy in his bedroom trying to get the attention of some of the biggest brands in the world in a small country on the other side of the world caused the relaunch of the store to be further delayed.

The Aussie battler in me emerged and finally the USSDU Store relaunched in March 2014 with no external help or funding, just a lot of work, persistence and love for the best sports in the world.

Help us grow and get more and more of the products you like by joining us on the platforms below and if you have any questions or problems at any time contact us here.

Thanks and happy shopping

Andy Thomas (Founder/Director)



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