US Sports Down Under is an Australian based online US Sports Store founded by Andy Thomas specialising in officially licensed authentic NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & NCAA apparel and merchandise.

We strive to be a one stop shop for everything an NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & NCAA fan in Australia or New Zealand needs from getting quality fan gear fast, finding out local TV times, connecting with other fans, and getting updates on local players making it big in the US.

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Why Should I Shop With US Sports Down Under?

  • We are an 100% Australian based and owned store run by actual Australian US Sports fans!
  • We provide fast one on one friendly customer service. Try it…send us a message and see how quickly we reply!
  • We ship locally using Australia Post so your product will always arrive extra fast and delivery will be reliable.
  • We offer free exchanges and refunds if something doesn’t fit or isn’t the right product for you.
  • We only sell products from officially licensed local distributors and have close partnerships with some of the US Sports leagues to ensure we get the best products.


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The USSDU Story

When I was around 10 years old, my best friend’s Dad loved American Sports and we would often sit together to watch games and highlights with him. On his frequent trips to America he would bring back different types of NFL and other US Sports apparel, collector cards, posters and other merchandise for us and we loved them.

Even though I loved Australian sport at the time, there was something different about american sports. The hype, the stadiums, the collector cards, the atmosphere, the merchandise…it just really appealed to me.

As I grew older my interests and passions changed however in late 2011 I stumbled upon an NFL game on Channel Ten and my love was rekindled. I became obsessed again and was frustrated that there wasn’t really any easy way to find other local fans, TV times and to buy merchandise.

I started adding all the NFL games and times into my calendar and figured some other people might be interested so I created a blog and Facebook page called “NFL Fans Down Under”.

The blog and page started to get some followers and other local fans offered to help so I recruited some volunteers and we started creating weekly articles with game previews, updates on Australian players, and info on where to find local events.

I was also a big NBA fan so not long afterwards I created an NBA version of the blog called “NBA Fans Down Under” which also gained popularity so I decided to add the other main US sports and  renamed the blog to ‘US Sports Down Under’ .

As the blog grew I received a lot of questions about the best way to order merchandise from the US and had numerous complaints from people regarding problems ordering from International sites. I decided to setup my own small online affiliate store to help local fans with the currency conversion confusion, returns issues, shipping costs and slow delivery times when ordering from the US.

After the success of the affiliate store took off, I decided to turn US Sports Down Under into an Australian based online store so I sold everything I owned, moved to my parents place, took out a bank loan, ordered in officially licensed US Sports stock and spent the next 6 months building an online store myself.

Fast forward to present and US Sports has grown dramatically in Australia since the early days of the blog and the store has grown just as fast!

I hope you like US Sports Down Under story and I always love getting feedback which you can do here.

Thanks for choosing US Sports Down Under

Andy Thomas

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