Australian MLB TV Guide


The MLB Baseball is shown on both ESPN Australia via Foxtel and MLB TV (The MLB’s online streaming service) on Australian TV both live and replayed.

Real baseball fans must own MLB TV, the MLB’s official online subscription service as it streams all games live and on-demand in HD to your desktop, mobile or tablet.


If you have Apple TV you can also watch games live and on demand on your TV through the MLB.TV app which is the easiest way to see every game on your TV. You can also watch MLB.TV on your Xbox 360, with a Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and a MLB.TV Premium Subscription. With a Kinect™, you can play, pause and rewind games with your voice or a wave of your hand.

This guide will be updated weekly so bookmark and revisit every week for the latest TV times.

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Orange = ESPN    Blue = MLB.TV

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by Andy

Founder of US Sports Down Under. Big Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks & Texas Rangers fan.

4 thoughts on “Australian MLB TV Guide

  1. Linda Fisher says:

    Thanks Andy – I do appreciate you putting this information on your website. It is very difficult for an aussie to get hold of information regarding US sport. My American husband has been living in oz since the 70’s and is a serious Dodgers fan so this year is especially important!

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Andy, great site! Was great during NFL season, now following MLB but wondering how often the ESPN TV times will be updated.

    Good luck to the Rangers this season mate

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