Unfortunately it looks like we have very limited options to watch the 2014 MLB Season in Australia with One HD & Fox Sports Australia not showing baseball this year.

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With the recent news that One HD have dropped both MLB & NFL from free to air TV, it appears that yet another broadcaster, Fox Sports Australia, has decided not to renew their MLB contract in 2014 leaving only ESPN Australia (Foxtel) and MLB.TV as the only options to watch MLB this season.

For those not familiar with MLB.TV, it is the MLB’s official online streaming service (like NBA League Pass & NFL Game Pass) allowing fans around the world to watch every game live and in demand in HD anywhere at anytime.

ESPN Australia On Foxtel

Casual MLB fans will be able to get their fix with ESPN Australia via the Foxtel pay TV service. Foxtel subscribers will  also be able to watch additional games via the ESPN3 online service. To see all the MLB games on ESPN just visit the Foxtel TV Guide and search for ‘Baseball’ or visit the ESPN Program Finder page and select ‘Baseball’.

MLB.TV Streaming Service

For real fans who want to  see every game of their fav teams you will need MLB.TV.

MLB.TV is currently $109.99 per year or $19.99 per month which includes all games in HD live or on demand streamed directly to your Desktop ( via the MLB.TV website), Apple TV or XBOX Live.

A screen shot of the At Bat app which allows you to watch, listen and follow every game on your mobile or tablet at anytime

A screen shot of the At Bat app which allows you to watch, listen and follow every game on your mobile or tablet at anytime

If you want to watch the games on your mobile or tablet, you will need the premium package which is $129.99 for the season or $24.99 per month. It includes a free subscription to the awesome ‘At Bat 14′  app which allows you to watch, listen and follow all games in HD on over 400 supported devices.


Apple TV

If you have Apple TV you can also watch games live and on demand on your TV through the MLB.TV app which is the easiest way to see every game on your TV.


You can also watch MLB.TV on your Xbox 360, with a Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and a MLB.TV Premium Subscription. With a Kinect™, you can  play, pause and rewind games with your voice or a wave of your hand.

Click here to get more info on watching MLB.TV on your XBOX.

To keep up to date with all the 2014 MLB updates & info just for Australian fans check out our MLB Fans Down Under Facebook page here.

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by Andy

Founder of US Sports Down Under. Big Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks & Texas Rangers fan.

5 thoughts on “How To Watch The 2014 MLB Season On TV In Australia

  1. Matt says:

    This is so stupid, we’re turning into America. You can’t watch anything without pay tv. No baseball, no American football, limited afl matches, only one a league game a week on sbs, But hey! At least we still get to see NASCAR…….

  2. Patrick Musson says:

    Maybe if we are lucky a channel such as 7maaaaaate! might try to get the rights to MLB and NFL so foolishly given up by the Ten Network. 7maaaaaaate! is now more of a sports channel than ONE and since the Seven network already has the FTA AFL rights, they could steal the remaining viewers from ONE (all that is left now are NASCAR fans) and Seven network shows rally races so would be natural to show Baseball and NFL. For that matter why don’t they show Ice Hockey. In Australia you can already watch NHL, MLB, and NFL online and since quite a few people have their pc or laptop connected to their TV. The TV networks would be stupid to ignore the ad revenue generated by the ever popular US major sports. Every game watched online in this country is ad revenue lost by the networks. There are only so many times they can rerun masterchef and ncis.

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