Watch: Massive Preseason Line Brawl Between Toronto and Buffalo


Check out this clip of things getting nasty in the NHL preseason.

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The sparks have well and truly flown in the NHL preseason, with a “warm up” game between Toronto and Buffalo spiking into a frenzied brawl during the third period.

After Leafs’ winger Jamie Devane laid out Corey Tropp (the later hitting his unprotected head on the ice, unfortunately, resulting in a brief KO), Buffalo thug John Scott made his way to centre ice, where he opted to go after high-profile forward Phil Kessel instead of the fleet of Toronto tough guys, who would have been more than willing to scrap.

Mayhem ensues, suspensions have been dished out and the whole thing was a bit of a mess, all of which will make the new-look Atlantic Division a hotbed of physicality in the coming months.

Sidenote: Buffalo are now the “proud” owners of both John Scott and Steve Ott, two players known for cheap shots and spineless thuggery and very little else. Not exactly how you restore credibility to your hockey club fellas.

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by Cameron

2 thoughts on “Watch: Massive Preseason Line Brawl Between Toronto and Buffalo

  1. Andrew says:

    Dog act by Scott. Kessel only got 3 pre-season games for his whack. What else could he have done against a guy who’s a noted pugilist. Seems about right. Be interesting when these two teams meet in the regular season if Colton Orr is in the line-up to drop ‘em with Scott.

    • Cameron says:

      Yeah man. Colton smashed Scott last season. Frazer McLaren will go as well. Even that new kid Devane (if he can stay in the line up) stands at 6″5. There’s nothing to like about Scott. You look at the tough dudes kicking about in most other teams and they still bring something to their line, be it scoring, protecting their own net etc… Scott legitimately can’t do anything except throw bombs.

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